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Available Mediation Services

County Mediation

At SHalls Resolves, LLC, we provide county mediation services, helping resolve disputes between two or more people. Our experienced team of mediators are committed to helping you find a resolution that works for everyone. We understand just how difficult it can be to come to an agreement, and our goal is to help you find a solution that is fair and agreeable for everyone involved.

We create a safe and comfortable environment for all parties to express their feelings without judgment, and support you in finding common ground to reach a resolution. 

Parenting Plans

At SHalls Resolves, LLC, we understand that disputes can be difficult and complex. What makes us unique is our focus on providing guidance and support in creating parenting plans for couples that are separating or divorcing. We will help you create an arrangement that works for both parents and one that supports the best interest of the child.

Divorce/Family Law Mediation

SHalls Resolves, LLC is a mediation services provider helping people through difficult times. We specialize in divorce and family disputes, offering mediation services to help clients find the best possible solution for their situation. Our experienced mediator has the skills and knowledge to guide people through this difficult process and help them reach a mutually acceptable agreement. We believe in finding solutions that are tailored to the parties' needs and promote a sense of peace of mind. 

Child Support Disputes

At SHalls Resolves, LLC, we understand that family disputes can be difficult and emotionally draining. That's why we provide mediation services for child support disputes. Our certified mediator is experienced in helping families come to a peaceful agreement, while keeping the best interests of the children in mind. We strive to provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere for all of our clients, and to ensure the highest quality of service. We are committed to finding the best resolution for all parties involved.

Equitable Distribution

At SHalls Resolves, LLC, our mission is to help our clients find peaceful resolutions to their issues without having to step into a courtroom. Our experienced mediator is committed to helping our clients come to an agreement that is fair and equitable in regards to the distribution of assets and liabilities. We provide an unbiased and confidential space for negotiation and understanding. We strive to ensure that all parties involved in the mediation are heard and respected throughout the entire process.

Paternity Disputes

Our Mediator is experienced in working with a variety of disputes, including family law, business, and landlord/tenant conflicts, however, what sets us apart is our specialized knowledge and experience in resolving paternity disputes.

We understand that such disputes can be emotionally difficult for both parties and strive to ensure that everyone is treated with respect and understanding. Our goal is to help individuals reach a resolution that is mutually acceptable and that meets each party’s needs.


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