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Mediation is a non-adversarial and peaceful process that seeks to facilitate voluntary and confidential agreements between parties in conflict. The mediation process is directed by an impartial and neutral mediator who will guide the parties through the process, helping them to reach an agreement that is mutually satisfactory.


At SHalls Resolves, LLC, we are eager to help you and the other party find peace through mediation. Our office is dedicated in providing mediation services with an experienced and educated mediator who is passionate about helping people resolve their conflicts. We take great pride in providing a safe and peaceful environment for you to work through your issues. Whether it's a family dispute or a business disagreement, we strive to help both parties find a resolution.


If you are looking to resolve a conflict in a calming and non-adversarial manner, our mediation services are here to help. We specialize in providing impartial and confidential assistance to both parties in a involved in disputes reach a voluntary agreement. Our experienced mediator is committed to helping you reach an agreement in a respectful and collaborative style

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